Dear Valued Guest,

As we start our new normal, I want to reach out and give you a list of what our guidelines and protocols will be for the foreseeable future.

* When you arrive please text us at 717-398-8671 and let us know you are here. Please wait in your car until you receive a text back to come in for your screening. Come to your appointment alone, you will be the only one permitted. You can relax on our patio or we have a tent that you can wait under once your screening is done.

Please add 717-398-8671 to your contact list, that is our new text number.

 *When you get to the front patio you will be greeted and stopped for screening:

  -We will take your temperature and ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire

If your temperature is ABOVE 99.5 your service will be rescheduled for at least 2 weeks out.

 *We are checking our employee’s temperatures when they get there, if their temperature is above 99.5 they will be sent home & their appointments called to reschedule or move to another service provider if available

 *A mask must be worn to enter the spa and be kept on for the duration of your service. If you are receiving hair color, please bring an additional mask to put on once your hair color is finished.

 *After your screening we will be escort you to the bathroom to wash your hands, your service provider will do the same with you and then take you to your service area.

 *No one is allowed to enter the building without an appointment

*If you want retail products, please call ahead and we will have them ready for you

 *We are only allowed to be occupied at 50% capacity and social distancing must be maintained as much as possible.

 *Contactless checkout – We can run your card on file OR we will bring the CC machine to you, please do NOT come to the checkout desk, or you can pay with cash

Please pay for your tip with cash, we do have an ATM for your convenience.

 For rebooking – We are strongly recommending that you pre-book your next appointment before you leave. Since we are only able to operate at 50% capacity it will be more difficult to book your appointments for the coming year.

 We have purchased Hepa air scrubbing filters for each area of the spa that will be running all day and Ozone generators to run at night after we close, to use as a secondary precaution.  We also clean and sanitize each station after each of our guests leave and before the next guest is seated.

 Due to the additional costs associated with the additional cleaning, sanitation, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) there is a small surcharge added to each ticket.

 Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, your safety is our greatest priority.


Be safe and see you soon!

Kathy & Lexus

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