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Gettysburg Day Spa offers half and full day spa packages at our Willoughby Run Gettysburg location and at Laventide, our newest facility. Our Guest Services Representatives are available to assist you in planning your special day. Salon and spa services are scheduled to meet your special occasion timeline so you can enjoy a worry-free day.

We would be happy to create a custom package to meet your spa needs. Please ask any Guest Services Representative about combining services.


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Ultimate Spa Day

Ultimate Spa Day includes 60 min massage, Signature Facial, Spa Pedicure and Gel Spa Manicure (includes lunch and gratuities)

Signature Spa Day

Signature Spa Day includes 60 min massage OR Signature Facial, Spa Pedicure and Gel Spa Manicure (includes gratuities)

Essential Spa Day

Essential Spa Day includes 45 min massage, Essential Facial (45 min), Pedicure and Manicure (includes gratuities

Men's Spa Day

Men are welcome to book any spa package offered. Please ask for pricing specific to the package as there are variations in services. 



Creamy Coconut

This treatment is here to reveal the softer side of the sole. Begin by dipping feet into a fresh & fruity coconut oil soak before a whipped shea butter and sugar cane exfoliation works its magic. Feeling velvety soft is no longer just a dream, but a reality. The finale is a coconut cream lotion, made with shea butter and organic cucumber extract, as skin only receives the best! Rich with vitamins A, E and C, this hydrator helps improve the overall look of skin texture so feet not only feel radiant, but look radiant – just like you.

Honey Pear

Settle into this succulent Honey- Magnolia soak that is the bees knees! Next, a sea salt Brandy Pear scrub, created with Bartlett Pear- infused brandy from California ensures the ultimate exfoliation. Just when you think life cant get any sweeter, a Honey Glaze wrap with raw honey is slathered on as your left to soak in the nutrient blend. Finally, a Honey-chai steeped coconut milk lotion scented with warm notes of sweet honey and comforting cardamon conclude what may be the most refined pedicure you’ve experienced.

Peach Tea Nectar

To begin, thirsty skin is cocooned into a warm coconut milk & chicory root wrap that nourishes and hydrates. Next, breathe in and out deeply as you’re thoroughly exfoliated in a whipped shea sugar exfoliation, revealing new skin beneath and leaving you soft & silky. A richly hydrating shea butter massage will leave you refreshingly relaxed and softened from head to toe, as notes of delicious ginger and peach tea linger sweetly on your skin.

Lemon Ice

Splash into summertime with a lemon cream soak! Its followed with a sweet cream exfoliation that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Next a minty mask is add to cool tired soles. Lastly, a soft, natural, whipped shea butter massage with vanilla and citrus oils will leave your feeling as fresh as a newly bloomed flower!

Momma's Mimosa

Feet dipped into a crisp warm, champagne soak, infused with wholesome ingredients like Epsom salt and coconut oil. Now soft, skin is refined with a sea salt scrub, a light citrus scent fills your space….. ahhh your senses are awakened! End with this treatment by locking in softness with a vitamin E rich shea butter.

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